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CEO's Message

I had one of my relatives sick with cancer and it was difficult to get a clear answer or an idea as to why and how cancer comes and how one should deal with it. This started me on the journey to find a cure for various diseases in the alternative treatments. It has been a long journey of 18 years since 2002 and in this journey I have met a lot of Doctors, scientists and patients who also tread on the same path.

I was fortunate that I could link up with the team of people like Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Dr. Mark Levin, Dr. Murali Cherukuri, Dr. Sebastian Padayatti, Dr. Sivabalan and Dr. Arul to mention a few of the long list of people. It set me on a different path from the traditional medicine and in to the realm of alternative medicine. This does not really include discovery of new drugs or treatment, but a hard look in to the nature of the human being and the nature of disorders that he faces.

The idea is to match the existing micronutrients and drugs to clear some of the root causes of the various ailments. It is quite surprising that major diseases can be prevented or cured with simple use of the right supplements. Lack of various nutrients like Vitamin B, C, D, Alpha Lipoic Acid, PQQ, COQ10, Magnesium and so on are the main reason for most diseases. Just by correcting the deficiency we are able to cure many conditions. I would like to give an example for cancer caused by radiation.

It was a normal day before the Tsunami struck the coast of Japan, 11th March, 2011. The fourth largest earthquake in the history of Japan struck and the Japanese National Police reports 15,899 deaths, 6,157 injured and 2,529 missing. In 2015 about 228,863 people were still living away from their homes.

This was Japan’s worst natural disaster and it was accompanied by another man made catastrophe, a scene that is most remote, A nuclear meltdown in one of the largest nuclear stations in the world located about 220 kilometres from Tokyo. The clean up is still going on and is expected to take more than 30 years to complete. There were several explosions and leakage of radioactivity. In this scenario the Japanese government deployed all resources and was working round the clock.

The miracle cure that supported this operation and protected a lot of people was vitamin C. Even the 16 workers who were exposed directly to the radiation during the accident and later during the cleaning operations were protected by the use of high dose vitamin C. Vitamin C was able to protect the people from radiation effects and ensure normal return to life over a period of time. This can be seen in the following link.

Can Vitamin C really work on this? How does it function? To discuss this we should look at the Mitochondria - the force behind human life. The importance of Mitochondria can be seen by a comparison between Star Wars concept and the human body. It is Mitochondria that powers our cells, our thoughts and our actions. Weakness of Mitochondria will result in various diseases in the human body. A strong complement of Mitochondria in the body will ensure good resistance and immunity against all known bacteria, viruses, heart conditions, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer to name some amongst numerous other disorders.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients to power the Kreb’s cycle which gives electrical energy to the cells. In the absence of Vitamin C, the energy available to the cells will deteriorate and render them helpless against any attacks that may be mounted against them. There have been a number of studies by various Nobel laureates namely, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Otto Warburg and Linus Pauling, which have highlighted the importance of Vitamin C in the human cellular function.

Dr. Fredrick R. Klenner was an American Physician who used high doses of Vitamin C to treat children with Polio in the 1950s and he has recorded the cures that he was able to obtain for his patients. These can be found in the book “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins," by Dr. Thomas Levy.

Vitamin C is a very important nutrient which can be delivered orally, intravenously and as a liposome molecule. It can form the first line of defence against all kinds of diseases for the Human kind.

Just like the above examples there are a lot of possibilities and we have just started to work on this. We hope that in time we will be able to address various serious ailments and make the lives of people healthier and simpler.