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Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy or Multi Pass Ozone Therapy was invented by Dr Johann Lahodny, an Austrian Gynaecologist, for the treatment of chronic diseases like long standing infections, chronic non-healing wounds, post-stroke paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, etc.

Used for the treatment of

  1. Chronic Non-Healing Wounds
  2. Post-Stroke Paralysis
  3. Parkinson’s Disease
  4. Chronic Infections
  5. Chronic Sinusitis
  6. Chronic Fatigue
  7. Skin Diseases
  8. Cancer

Advantages of Hyperbaric Ozone

  1. Most effective
  2. Most advanced
  3. Highly tolerated method of all ozone methods administered

This procedure involves withdrawing 200ml of blood from the patient into a specialized glass bottle, mixing with a high concentration of ozone under high atmospheric pressure and then reinfusing it back into the patient. The same is repeated up to 10 times so that around 2L of the patient’s blood is ozonated. The procedure can be completed within 60 minutes.

Hyperbaric Ozone is the most advanced, effective and highly tolerated method of all ozone therapies. Research has shown that after around the 8th pass, stem cells get mobilized which bring about much of the benefit with this therapy.

Our doctor was trained directly by Dr Johann Lahodny in his hospital in St. Polten, Austria and have performed and overseen more than one thousand five hundred Hyperbaric procedures.

Note: Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAHT) cannot be compared to Hyperbaric ozone therapy no matter how many times it is done continuously in one sitting. This is because Hyperbaric ozone therapy involves ozonating the blood under 2 Atmospheric pressure, and then reinfusing it back under the pressure of oxygen.