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Oncothermia Therapy

Mirakle Integrated Health Centre, Pollachi now has India’s first oncothermia therapy where you can treat the cancers without chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Oncothermia is a nanoheating technology personalized for individual status depending on the state, stage, grade, and other personal factors of cancer patients. This technique creates nonhomogeneous heating by increasing the temperature gradient between the intracellular and extracellular liquids of the cancer cells and eventually leads to cell death. This method does not affect the normal cells, hence it will not have any side effects like other conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation.

The electric properties of the cancerous cells differ from normal. The main differences are: The efficacy of the ATP production in cancerous cell is low. The large ATP demand for the proliferative energy-consumption allows less ATP for active membrane stabilization by K+ & Na+ transport, so the membrane potentiating weakens. The cellular membrane of cancerous cells is anyway electrochemically also differing from the normal, as well as its charge-distribution also deviates. Oncothermia use this major difference in the electrochemical properties of the cancer cells to destroy it.

This is very effective against all types of cancers. The effectiveness of oncothermia as a new cancer treatment has been shown in numerous studies. Its success derives from nanoscopically heating cancer cells with a high degree of cellular selectivity, which changes the heating paradigm from isothermal homogenous heating to selected cellular heating using the natural heterogeneity of the tumor and its host. In addition, this technique enhances the immune-specific response, which promotes the supporting natural, protective, and defending mechanisms of the human body.