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Skin Diseases

Skin diseases vary greatly in symptoms and severity and may be a cause of cause of severe concern for the patient. The most common skin diseases affecting the population include

  1. Acne
  2. Eczema
  3. Atopic Dermatitis
  4. Psoriasis
  5. Vitiligo
  6. Viral Warts
  7. Herpes 
  8. Fungal Infections (Ringworm)

The treatments usually prescribed for these conditions are a combination of oral or topical anti-biotic and steroid formulations. Though these medications help to control an acute flare, they cannot be continued long term without the risk of severe side effects. 

At Mirakle Wellness Clinic, we believe that skin diseases are an external manifestation of internal disharmony. Our skin is a reflection of internal health and as long as the internal environment remain uncorrected, these external manifestations seldom disappear on their own.

After a complete metabolic profile testing, we chart a treatment plan for the patient involving all aspects of their health. 

Improving intestinal health:

There are many studies linking impaired gut health and food intolerances to skin diseases. In the same way the skin protects us from external pathogens, so too does the intestinal barrier. When the intestinal barrier is damaged, these harmful pathogens can enter the blood and elicit immune reactions which can then manifest as a skin disease. 

“Leaky Gut Syndrome” has been implicated in the development of many of the autoimmune and allergic skin conditions. You can read more about it here.

At our clinic, we test for Leaky gut and food intolerances and prescribe you a customized diet and the right pre and probiotics to improve your intestinal health. All probiotics are not the same and the right strains needs to be taken for the desired effect.

Mental well-being:

Any patient with psoriasis or eczema will tell you that their lesions get worse during times of stress. There is a strong connection between mental well-being and healthy skin. This again is mediated via the gut microbiome as all the chemical messengers which work on the brain are produced by the bacteria in the gut. During periods of stress, levels of stress hormones shoot up which will further exacerbate the condition. These imbalances can worsen your skin conditions which in turn will cause further stress causing a vicious cycle.

At our clinic, we check the levels of relevant stress hormones and prescribe you natural herbal supplements to correct any imbalances and to help you cope with the stress.

Non-toxic Therapies:

Chronic infections, chronic inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and oxidative stress are at the root cause of some of the skin diseases. With the help of Medical Ozone Therapy, Chelation, IV Anti-oxidants and FIR & Ozone Saunas, the root causes can be treated. 

Medical Ozone Therapy: Kills all bacteria and viruses, stimulates production of anti-oxidant enzymes, purifies blood and lymph, improves blood circulation, neutralises toxins.

Chelation: Helps to eliminate heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals have the ability to cause chronic inflammation and have been implicated in several skin conditions.

IV Anti-Oxidants: Helps to reduce oxidative stress and also reduces inflammation. Some anti-oxidants like Glutathione work especially well in skin diseases.

FIR & Ozone Saunas: Improves skin microcirculation, helps to eliminate toxins through sweat, improves skin tone.

With the help of the right diet, supplements, improving intestinal health and some non-toxic therapies, patients can overcome their skin conditions gradually over a period of time.