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I want to happily share with you all about the treatment taken for my wife at Mirakle Wellness Clinic, Pollachi.

My wife Mrs. Balamani aged 47 had severe back pain in the month of March 2019. Initially we met the gynecologist and underwent treatment for a week observing it as general weakness probably which most women experience at this age. She was prescribed some vitamin tablets for a week. Since the pain didn’t subside, the doctor referred us to a General physician.

There we went and got diagnosed as L3 disc swelling in spine. There we had treatment nearly one month with different medications with physiotherapy exercises. Since her pain had not come down even a single degree, further we visited an Ortho hospital, which is little famous in Coimbatore. There also we were diagnosed with the same and prescribed some medicine with physiotherapy exercises. No good things happened and the degree of pain went on higher scale. Finally, as advised we took MRI and got impression that it may be Myeloproliferative disorder. Further, on the advice of the Ortho Doctor, we met the Oncologist of the famous multi-specialty hospital in CBE.

There she underwent different types of blood tests, Pet CT, Mammogram and to the extent of bone marrow biopsy. Finally, they concluded that it was Lymphoma and advised to go for oral chemotherapy. In this depraved situation, we decided to go to our Mirakle Wellness Clinic, located in Dr. N. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi. 

Without further delay, we met Dr. Arul, who is the chief of this hospital along with the details of the previous medical treatments. Dr. Arul, who had gone through the files, informed us that we needn’t be worried and that he would take care of us.  He started the treatment after checking various blood parameters and prescribed her to undergo Vitamin-C and Ozone therapy initially thrice a week and the frequency was later reduced to once in a month. Dr. Arul and his dedicated team has taken much care of us and went one step forward to have ourselves positive thoughts in all respects and made us feel as if we were at our home and not at a hospital. The way by which Dr. Arul approaches each and every patient is really a miracle. We can see the compassion and kindness of Dr. Arul on each and every spell of his treatment.

Further I need to add, the team of Dr. Arul consisting his son Dr. Sibi, Dr. Banu, Dr. Unnamalai and Dr. Gomathi along with nursing staffs and the hospital administrative staffs under Mr. Bagavathy are really dedicated and they have been showing their kindness on each and every patient who comes there with different types of medical issues. 

The infrastructure of the hospital is really good and the treatment cost is affordable and reasonable comparatively with other multi-specialty hospitals. 

One more thing I need to add definitely here is that the supplements Dr. Arul prescribes do not have any side effects and makes us feel very active and energetic. 

Mirakle Wellness Clinic was started by our Sakthi Group chairman Sri. Dr. M. Manickam with his third eye view that everyone needs to be benefited and have such wonderful treatment without any side effects in the present scenario. For that, our Chairman has invested his valuable time nearly a decade and applied his gained knowledge day and night and established this Vitamin-C and Ozone therapy treatment at an affordable cost without any side effects. Moreover, he visits the clinic and interacts with the patients and gives them the confidence to get rid of the fear of illness.

At this juncture, we delightfully say that we got cured both physically and emotionally in all respects. Finally we need to say that everyone has to follow the advice and treatment of Dr. Arul and team without any break for quick recovery.