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Vikram Alwa


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I was diagnosed with Stage II with Gleason score of 3+4 Prostate cancer around July 2018. Purely based on a PSA test & DRE I was advised to undergo immediate surgery.

Along the way I was introduced to integrative therapy as an option where the approach is to identify the root cause of an ailment. My trigger points for opting for the therapy were the explanations given for the ailment which was attributed to a compromise in my immune system at the gut. This I understand leads to cellular level nutrient deficiency or toxicity thereby making the body acidic whereas it should be alkaline. The trick is to set this anomaly right through life style changes, Ozone Therapy to fight anaerobic bacteria & viruses, Vitamin C infusions for building immunity and other treatments to detoxify the liver.

In 2018, before opting for this treatment I had about 7-10 blood tests done on Dr. Arul’s suggestion that were all suggesting compromised immunity.

I did an initial ten week aggressive treatment and have since till date followed it up with two fortnightly sessions. Currently, most of my parameters have normalised with the body still slightly acidic that's needs to be addressed.

The positives during this journey has been improved  sleep, enhanced  alertness, no bouts of cold or cough, no intake of antibiotics since 2018, able to walk 8-9kms effortlessly (previously 2kms), bowel movements stabilised etc to name a few.

At this point viz April 2020, the PSA, IgE & body pH are still elevated & fluctuating. This in my opinion calls for an even more concerted effort on diet & lifestyle coupled with integrated infusions at intervals along with supplements to boost immunity & allow the natural processes to fight the disease .

As a patient it's important to understand one's compromised immune system and allow the natural healing process to take over to cure a disease. Along the way I have been able to find fixes for many other issues. Therefore having a holistic view and patience is paramount not to mention a high level of positivity and determination.

To sum up for me quality of life is the driver and I chose a treatment that addresses immunity aspect rather than any quick fix or internal manipulation. Striving for enhanced immunity clearly depends on the extent of compromise made till a disease is identified within.

It's therefore important for a patient to invest in time towards understanding one's body state & be prepared for disciplined life style changes before deciding on the course of treatment rather than a quick fix.

Needless to mention the entire staff have displayed all the care & empathy needed to serve the patients professionally. 

Wishing Mirakle Wellness team all success.