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Low Dose Cytokines

The immune system protects us from infections and also from cancer. A disorder in the communication channels that the immune system uses to detect cancers can lead to cancer growth and spread. These communications channels are called cytokines and growth factors. A defective or faulty response from the immune system can also lead to inflammation which can worsen cancer.

Low dose cytokines therapy is a regulatory oral combination of cytokines that reduces inflammation and sets the immune system up in order to detect cancer and also target it.

Cancers which have lot of genetic alterations (mutations) in them trigger the strongest response from the immune system. Even when the immune system responds, the cancer has evasion methods which help it to escape the immune response. The low dose cytokines helps to block cancer evasion by sending the proper signals to the immune system.

In cancers with low genetic alterations (mutagenicity) the immune response is usually very poor, in these cases a different set of cytokines will be used which trigger the immune system to recognise the cancer. Each patient’s immune response is different and hence the cytokines used will be different. 

These low dose cytokines have a high degree of safety because they are regulatory and hence do not trigger non physiological imbalances in the system. They are also completely compatible with radiation and chemotherapy or any other current treatment methods.